Update from the “Community on Obesity Prevention”

Ingrid AdamsThe AAFCS Community on Obesity Prevention has been working hard to start a community that is informative and has meaning.  If you took the AAFCS survey on your eating and exercise habits for us, we appreciate it greatly, and you will receive a follow-up survey in April.  Please fill it out in a timely manner.  The results from our survey will be reported this summer during the AAFCS Annual Conference in Houston and on our webpage.

We also encourage you to join us at our pre-conference workshop at the AAFCS Annual Conference in June.  The cost for the pre-conference will be $50 for conference registrants, and the title is “Overcoming the Obesity Crisis:  We Can Make a Difference!”  We will address how FCS professionals can make a difference in our communities during a keynote address and two breakout sessions.   There will be time for you to ask questions and share with others about the work that you have done with obesity prevention.

If you have any information on projects that you have already started, please notify me so that we can inform others of your achievements.  It is important for the sustainability of AAFCS that we, as professionals, share our body of work with others.  The best way for us do this is to keep the buzz going about the actions you take in your communities and work environments.


Ingrid Richards Adams
Chair, Community on Obesity Prevention

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