Meet Lori Curles, AAFCS Intern!

Hello, everyone!

loricurles2My name is Lori Curles, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be an AAFCS  intern this summer.  I just graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in family and consumer sciences education and decided I wanted a little adventure this summer.  I applied to be an AAFCS intern and well that means… I am getting to live in a new city, eat great food, see national landmarks, and work for the greatest organization in the world, if I may say so myself!  So far I have had an amazing time, and it’s only my third day as an intern!  One of the biggest aspects of the internship that I am looking forward to is this year’s Annual Conference.  I have been able to help work on some of the many projects that must be completed for the conference to run smoothly, and if you can keep a secret, I will tell you there are big things planned for this year that you will not want to miss!  The Annual Conference is always the highlight of my summer and this year getting to go to Houston, a city I have never been to and always wanted to visit, is getting me excited! I hear that Houston has just as many landmarks and as much good food as DC (I think I might just eat my way from DC to Houston!). Well, I just wanted to introduce myself as an AAFCS intern and say, “Yee Haw! See you in Houston!” Don’t worry I am sure you will hear from me again before then!

–       Lori

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