Conference Inspiration

Hi, everyone,


Jessica Monfils (left) poses with Alyssa Bytnar (middle) and Cheryl Brueggen (right) at the AAFCS photo booth.

I just want tell you what a wonderful conference experience I had in Houston at the Annual Conference. I attended some great sessions, met incredible people, and left the conference inspired to do great things to help individuals and families in our world. I want to thank the staff for all their hard work and dedication to the conference. Being in the office, I have realized what goes on behind the scenes to put on a conference like this, and I can say that all the staff were very dedicated and worked diligently to deliver an awesome conference. I also want to share with you my favorite quotes and wisdom that I took away from this year’s conference.

“The mark of a truly educated man is to be moved deeply by statistics.” ~ George Bernard Shaw                  

“Whether we’re talking about sock or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down.” ~ Warren Buffet

“It it’s free…it’s for me.”

“Prevention makes common ‘cents.'” ~ Andrew Crocker

“Don’t just do something…stand there.” ~ Saul Alinsky

“Make and Eat Whole Fresh Foods!” ~ Ruth Dohner, CFCS

“Moving forward there are three things to remember:

          – Consider

          – Communicate

          – Collaborate”

                             ~ Peggy Wild, CFCS

These phrases reference the changes that are taking place in our country, schools, and communities. Some of the changes facing family and consumer sciences include changing demographics, rise of childhood obesity, technological advances, and economic and financial stability. Family and consumer sciences professionals can be the driving force to overcome these challenges by working to create a healthier future. All we need to remember is to consider, communicate, and collaborate!

– Jessica Monfils

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