News from the Community of “Taking It to the Streets”

By Marilyn Swierk, CFCS, Community Co-Leader

The goal of the Community of Taking It to the Streets (TIS) is to provide family and consumer sciences (FCS) professionals with resources on a topic of critical concern for families and communities.  Our current campaign is The Impact of the Economy on Families: Strategies, Solutions and Resources.  Now in its 5th year, TIS is continuing its work with the Community of Family Economics and Resource Management (FERM) to provide AAFCS members with useful resources for this new campaign.

We need input and involvement from our other AAFCS Communities since there are consumer implications related to food, clothing, housing, and child rearing for example, and perhaps the need for counseling due to economic issues facing the family.  These and other topics have a link to many of our AAFCS Communities. 

Resources can be found on the TIS portion of the website:

1. Valuable listings of online resources:   compiled by Barbara O’Neil, noted author and expert in the field of finance, and chair-elect of the Community of FERM.

2. The ongoing TIS Resource Framework:  includes curricula kits, grant opportunities, best practices, teacher-suggested curricula, professional development, and relevant research.   We welcome any information you can share to enhance this framework. 

Please submit your resource suggestions for consideration by visiting the working draft framework at Google Docs:

Include your NAME and CONTACT information in the CATEGORY column on the left. Website descriptions and website addresses, online links, and free quality materials are strongly encouraged.  If you have questions, please contact Barbara O’Neill at or Marilyn Swierk at

3. Lesson plans and online listings will be also provided for your use in the future.  Please help us enhance this section of resources by submitting these separately to me and Barbara.

If possible, send these in digital format including links and URLs.

4. Look for a webinar based on our 2013 Conference sessions, “Resourcefulne$$: Embracing the New Frugality in Tough Economic Times” and Taking It to the Streets 2013-14, during this AAFCS program year.

What you can do within your Community(ies):

  • Utilize the information on the TIS portion of the AAFCS website.
  • Share your resources, ideas, and activities with TIS.  Visit the link above.
  • Submit a brief account of how your Community has been involved to help us measure participation and impact.

Questions?  Suggestions?  Interested in involvement or leadership in this Community?

Contact Marilyn Swierk at, or Mary Behrendt at

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